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0rdinary girl-text

25. srpna 2010 v 21:22 | TeSs
Ordinary Girl
Don't get me wrong I love who I am
I don't wanna be ungrateful
That probably sounds strange
I really love the role I play the songs I sing
But with all the fame
the things that seem so simple
suddenly so far out of reach
wish they could see underneath

Hannah Montana Forever (2010) ( CD Download)

19. srpna 2010 v 23:20 | TeSs

Můžete si stahovat písničky z hanny Montana Forever.
PS: Bacha kto to zkopíruje a bez zdroja...okamžite hlásim na!

cd hannah montana 4

11. srpna 2010 v 21:23 | TeSs

This Is Our New Home »

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« California Screamin »

« Friends or Foes »

« Heartache Over Jake »

« I Don't Got Nothin On Me Expect Miley »

« Do-Do-Do-Don't Tell My Secret »

« It' s The End Of Jake As We Know It »

« That's Love Let's Go »

Super Girl • EN

8. srpna 2010 v 21:56 | TeSs
When I feel all alone and nobody knows
Still gotta smile for a while I can't let it show
Dry my tears, dry my tears
Have no fears, have no fears
And when I'm, and when I'm backstage feeling down
And the lights come on, no time to worry
Gotta hurry Gotta sing my song
Gonna shake it off shake it off
Strike a pose strike a pose
Snap my fingers just like that
Don't get what I want and that's a fact
Snap my fingers just like that
Don't get what I want Just cause I want it

New Music Video - Who Owns My Heart

8. srpna 2010 v 21:45 | TeSs
Miley natáčí tento víkend v Detroitu svůj nový videoklip k písni 'Who Owns My Heart'. Režisér tohoto nového klipu bude stejný jako klipu 'Can´t Be Tamed'. A taky se objevila informace, že se nový klip bude vysílat dříve v Evropě než v USA.

Hannah Montana Forever - Soundtrack

8. srpna 2010 v 21:18 | TeSs
1. Are you ready/Superstar
2. Ordinary girl
3. Kiss it goodbye
4. Que Sera
5. Need a little love ft. Sheryl Crow
6. Bare Foot Cinderella
7. Where Ever I go
8. Been Here All Along
9. This Boy , That Girl ft. Iyaz
10. I'm Still Good
11. I Will Always Remember You
12. Where Ever I Go ft. Emily Osment As Lilly